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how independent is your thinking given that you work for Arup? how influenced are you by the Arup's business plan or constrained by current socio economic circumstances or is what you do mainly blue skies thinking? Just put these in to get the ball rolling.

As a Leicester person i was born here what i see is a lot of poorly coordinated and badly planned piecemeal development some of it extremely poorly designed though i like the Highcross Centre and The Curve etc and some of the other regeneration projects. i have lived in poorer physical environments - coventry! i have mixed feelings about recent development at DMU!

'without the past there is no present, without the present there is no future' so where does the moment go?

It takes me all of my time to get through the moment without spending a lot of time contemplating the future. Maybe because I have struggled to bring up six kids on my own.

what is true innovation? how do you know that what you come up with, makes futures better? is it instinct, research or good old fashioned guesswork?

Its a bit like financiers trading in futures. I made a longer comment but the internet ate it so i am just testing now!

In developing a clear vision for the future, how do you avoid what are often called "unforseen consequences" - bullet proof the delivery.

How to think like a futurist? aaah become a clairvoyant!!!
Or else, meditate, increase your creative ability and strengthen your intuition!

laugh a lot!!!

What will happen to communities in the future will they be based more around the network or geographical presence?

In your bio we state "Arup think about shaping a better world" How do you determine a better future? What parameters would you use to test it?

In shaping for the future do arup actually look to the past? or is that too obvious?

A lot of the 'better' we need in the future will be 'better' that can exist outside of the 'network'. How honest are we, how good a life do we live, how do we and society treat children and so on. What would be left if someone pulled out the plug!

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